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Spotlight :: Darren Rademaker 

Frontman of The Tyde lists his favorite rarities, deep cuts, bootlegs and history making music. Enjoy.

Darren Rademaker

If you’ve spent time surfing Malibu or any one of LA’s famous breaks chances are you’ve run into Darren Rademaker. He’s one of those guys who seemingly has it figured out—a way of life that you can only live if you’re a guy like him. Out of the water he fronts The Tyde, a band that is most known for a vibe whose influences can be traced back to the greats like The Beach Boys and The Byrds. Like us, Rademaker is also an audiophile and avid record collector making him first on a short list of DJs who play a surf sound all around SoCal. Here he shares some thoughts on his favorite rarities, deep cuts, bootlegs and history making music.

Legendary Masked Surfers ‘Rarities’2a

I was going through a crazy Jan and Dean phase and I picked this record up at Amoeba here in LA for twenty bucks. I’ve since seen it for fifty. The most striking thing about this record are the first two tracks, ‘Gotta Get A Date’ and ‘Gas Money’. Both were recorded in 1958 and are so punk! There’s another great one from 1961 called ‘Baggy Pants’ about them going to a debutante ball. The whole record spans their career of rare tracks, an anti war song and even ‘Frosty the Snowman.’

Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids ‘Sons of the Beaches’

It’s almost like these dudes were on ‘Grease’ or Happy Days. I like the slower mellow songs like ‘Time Won’t Tell.’

Storm Riders Soundtrack
This is a great soundtrack from an 80s surf film that I actually own that features all Australia bands and even some Bolt surfers in the album art. The stand out track is ‘Unpublished Critics’ by Australian Crawl and the album is even pressed on blue vinyl. There’s a shot of Mark Richards just killing it; you just don’t see packaging like this anymore.

Various Artists ‘Here Comes Summer’

collect a lot of K-tel records but this one is the best; just look at that cover! She’s such a babe. These are usually records compiled of the hits but I found a couple songs I wasn’t familiar with. ‘California Girl’ by Chiliwack, a Canadian band and ‘Summer Girl’ by Craig Ruhnke are by far my favorites.

The Malibooz ‘Malibooz Rule’

This is another sick band obviously from Malibu that Fleetwood Mac helped out; in fact, Walter Egan and Stevie Nicks sang together on ‘Magnet and Steel.’ I love Malibu and this record.

Surf Punks ‘Locals Only’
This is the first version before they signed to a major. There’s no debating that the album art is just insane. Personally, I like the songs off some of the other records more but ‘I’m a Valley’ on this one is great. When this came out in the 80s I remember thinking, ‘Surf Punks?! This isn’t punk; it’s stupid!’ It’s a joke but now I love it.

Almost Summer Soundtrack

This is a soundtrack from one of those beach titty movies but a little more beyond that. Brian Wilson wrote a lot of the songs and the first track, ‘Almost Summer’ is phenomenal and the movie is absolutely killer.

Antonio Carlos Jobim ‘Wave’

I grew up listening to this with my dad and it’s important to mention that surfers really love Bossanova; in fact, a lot of Thomas Campbell’s films are scored to this type of music. Antonio Carlos Jobim has always been my most favorite in that genre.

Spring ‘Spring’

Spring, also referred to as American Spring, was Brian Wilson, his wife and Diane Rovell. A lot of Beach Boys songs are on here, which is weird because the cover is so goth! It doesn’t really have anything to do with the beach or LA but it’s such an amazing record. It’s cool to hear Beach Boys songs sung by girls.

California Dreaming SoundtrackCaliforniaDreaming

This is another 70s-era teenage exploitation film with a version of ‘California Dreaming’ by America. A lot of the songs suck but it’s sure got a killer cover!

California Projects ‘Papa Doo Run Run’13a

Another great Beach Boys-related record comprised of various digitally recorded songs. It’s really cheesy but the cover is one of the best. When I was growing up in Florida for some reason all the jocks at my school loved the Beach Boys and I was into Kiss and Aerosmith.

Dennis Wilson ‘Pacific Ocean Blue’113176-a

You really can’t beat this; it’s a surf classic and it’s super cool that legendary surf photographer Jeff Divine did the photoshoot.

Beach Boys ‘Live At Madison Square Gardens: 1972’15a
Here we have another great bootlegged record from the Beach Boys. It says it was from Madison Square Gardens but you can tell they were playing some college in upstate New York because they thank everyone in the audience. These kinds of bootlegs are super hard to come by because it’s illegal for stores to carry these.

The Hawaiian Beach Boys ‘Pacific Pop Party’16a
My girlfriend brought this back from Germany and I just love the cover. I have no idea why they have a half naked babe on the cover but I love it and all the Hawaiian guitar music on this album.

The Explorer’s Club ‘Freedom Wind”
This band from South Carolina is the closest anyone has come to sounding like the Beach Boys. Brian Wilson even called them up to tell the singer that he loved a song called ‘Don’t Forget the Sun.’

History of Surf Music ‘The Revival 1980-1982’
18aYou can usually find these for pretty cheap and the covers are just phenomenal.

Jan and Dean ‘Sound Out Takes’19a
This is a great Jan and Dean bootleg that has songs that aren’t on any other records or there are different versions. The tracks I love are ‘Skateboarding’ and ‘Pasadena Girls.’ I also like how they always had random jokes or thoughts printing in the artwork and most of them made no sense. I remember in one of their albums they say ‘Reviewers, no negative reviews please. This record isn’t made for competing with other artists. It’s just made for fun. If you can’t handle that then why don’t you take two hot dogs and shower with a friend.’

Farmer Dave ‘Flash Forward’20aI would definitely call this pretty ‘beachy.’ I believe he recorded this in his house when he moved back to Venice.

Mike Love ‘Looking Back With Love’21aI met Mike Love last year at a Beach Boys show and told him I loved his solo stuff. He seemed a little shocked. Everybody loves to hate on Mike because of the way he treats Brian but I don’t care. He’s an incredible singer and an even better front man. There’s a song on here called ‘Rockin’ the Man in the Boat.’ Love was always known to be a sex fiend.

// select photography and curation by Dustin Beatty