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Aloha and welcome back to Found Sound (20th set)

This Week Highlight :: The Pretty Things – Philippe DeBarge (1969)


In 1969, Philippe DeBarge was a wealthy French playboy who dreamed of being a rock and roll star – and the Pretty Things were his favorite band. He reached out to the Pretties to see if they would back him for a record that he would sing on.

Fresh off the critically acclaimed and groundbreaking S.F. Sorrow, vocalist Phil May and gang decided to go ahead with the project, and likely saw it as an opportunity to experiment in London’s Nova studios with an unlimited budget. The result is a psych-rock LP that features DeBarge on lead vocal duties and the rest of the Pretties backing him. Phil May and multi-instrumentalist Wally Waller wrote the bulk of the songs and guided DeBarge to best carry the tunes.

For fans of the Pretty Things, this record proves to be a beautiful transitional record between the psychedelia of S.F. Sorrow and the more polished groove of Parachute. Once recording was finished, an acetate was pressed, sadly only to be distributed amongst DeBarge’s social circle and friends. For Philippe DeBarge, this project was surely a dream come true (even if it never got proper distribution at the time) and for the Pretty Things, a record that stands up to and even exceeds some of their other work.

Philippe DeBarge was reissued in 2008 by Ugly Things. You can find copies of this amazing record in select record stores or online. Can be pricey but worth every penny. enjoy!

By Pedrum Siadatian  

Listen to the 20th full playlist

1. The Pretty Things – Hello How Do You Do
2. West Cost Consortium – Listen To The Man
3. Tandyn Almer – You Turn Me Around
4. White Fence – Sticky Fruitman Has Faith
5. The Pretty Things – New Day
6. Paint – I Feel Ok
7. The Tops – I Found You
8. Wimple Winch – Coloured Glass
9. Sugar Candy Mountain – Cactus Dream
10. The Pretty Things – It’ll Never Be Me

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