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This week Highlight ::  Harumi – Harumi (1968)

This is one of those rare and forgotten records that keeps you digging deeper for more of the same. A perfect combination of experimental and pop sensibilities woven together in a kaleidoscopic of colorful instruments and warm production techniques. The story goes that an unknown musician from Japan somehow managed to convince one of the most renowned producers of the era to record his debut album, which was then released on Verve in 1968.

Tom Wilson, known for producing albums by Bob Dylan, The Velvet Underground and many folk-rock, psychedelic-rock and jazz artists of the mid-late ’60s, teamed up with Harumi to make one of the most intersting albums to come out of the pop-psych scene. Sung in tripped-out English over strings, horns, vibraphone, guitars, bass, drums and an array of Eastern instruments, Harumi invites you to look at the world through the rose tinted haze of many, many acid-trips. The last two tracks on the album, “Twice Told Tales of The Pomegranate Forest” and “Samurai Memories,” are 24 minutes and 18 minutes of spoken word and experimental jamming reminiscent of “Lady Godiva’s Operation” by The Velvet Underground.

Like the U.F.O By Jim Sullivan, Cold Fact By Rodriquez and so many brilliant but lost albums, the message Harumi had to offer was ahead of it’s time, shelved and forgotten until someone decided to wipe the dust off and bring it back into the light. Now, generations later this beautiful lost gem feels brand new. The themes here are still relevant, the arrangements are as fresh as anything new, and the combination of West and East creates a unique perspective on psychedelia. You won’t hear another record quite like this. Enjoy!

Harumi – “Hurry up now”

Harumi – “Fire by the River”

Harumi – Harumi (Full Album 1968)

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