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:: This week highlight – Le Orme – Ad Glorium (1969)  ::


I’m back in sunny California this week with a nice stack of LP’s and 45’s from Europe and South Africa. Holland and Belgium never fail to impress with so many well curated record stores with variety from all over the world. Fly to Amsterdam, rent a bike, grab an ice cream, peruse the record stores, see a Van Gogh, ride a boat, eat some herring, cruise the outdoor market, drink some wine, buy some frites, hit the sheets and repeat. Although I was a little underwhelmed by the record shopping in Cape Town, the city experience exceeded all my other expectations. The people were cool, calm and collected. The beaches, warm, majestic and uncrowded. The lush and leafy landscape is a stunning mix between the rusty red rocks of Zion and the salty seaside cliffs at Big Sur. I had great time to say the least and if you have the means I highly recommend Cape Town to all you explorers and sun-worshipers.

I was very happy and surprised to come across a copy of Ad Glorium by the Italian band Le Orme in Ghent, a lovely city in western Belgium. My friend, Pedrum Siadatian, introduced me to the catchy title track a while back and I remember hoping i’d find a copy on wax in Rome or Florence someday. It turns out that Le Orme records aren’t as rare as I had assumed, as the band was one of the first and only Italian rock acts to find success outside of Italy.

In 1966, somewhere along the endless canals and corridors of Venice Italy, Le Orme “The Footprints” were born. A quintet, originally calling themselves Le Ombre “The Shadows,” started out like virtually every other rock band of the era, by practicing and composing songs rooted in American and English exports. They evolved into their own sound as they combined styles in vogue at the time with a unique Italian aura. The first three years proved to be a musically productive, but trying time for Le Orme with the lineup changing drastically as members deployed for military action. Ad Glorium “For Glory”, released in 1969, is the bands first and sadly last full length endeavor into melodic beat/psych expression. A trio would carry the name into the ’70s as the band butterflied from the pretty harmonies, pop arrangements and druggy interludes into the more progressive/prog sound that later brought the band international fame. Much like the first Os Mutantes record, released only a year prior in Brazil, Ad Glorium is an exceptional gem of foreign psychedelia and possibly the finest view of the popular genre through the Italian lens.

Le Orme – Ad Glorium (1969) 

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