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Out in the open we search for new ideas, environments, cultures and ways of living to create new memories.

Through three different themes, we explore balance and fullness in duality: uncover and discover, timeworn and creative, urban and analogue. Within a strong and easy color palette, three different color stories stand out and create an optimistic outlook. On a first group we find a warm, exotic and vibrant pallete. Earthed and verdant color harmonies take us on a journey through the 60’s and 70’s.

Patterns show fluid transitions between burnt yellows and burgundies with fresh and maritime petrol blues, greens and greys. There’s a new sense of balance on our second color story achieved with pastel and dusty tones and bright lived-in colors. A melange carefully mismatched with darker contrasting shades on understated geometric and retro graphics results in a subtle direction that looks to the past, but remains distinctly contemporary. Black takes precedence in the third group on a pallete of analogic inspiration. Balance statements are created by injections of primary and compact colors on a monochromatic base for a clean and contemporary aesthetics.

The new SS17 collection embraces soft textures and relaxed tailoring accented by all over tropical and botanical patterns, geometric micro designs, displaced photographic prints, granular looks, distorted designs and minimal black & white looks. Trims, fastenings and details have crafted quality and we keep the ideal of unpretentious utilitarian design, together with functionality and comfortable lightweight fabrics. Born by the sea, we focus on search in connection with nature. Our quest is not just designing good, but greater good.

Lightning Bolt

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